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Widaningrum, Seruni (2020) KASETYAN JATI DEWI DAMAYANTI. S1 thesis, ISI SURAKARTA.

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The key to harmony in domestic life is loyalty. When someone says marriage vows, he will take responsibility for that promise before God and humans. Because what is united by God cannot be divorced by humans. Whatever the conditions, a husband and wife must always be faithful and strengthen one another. This story is an expression of the loyalty of a wife to her husband. Wives who usually become "kanca wingking" turned out to have a stake in maintaining the family. This story takes Damayanti as the main character. How Damayanti loyal to her husband in a state of joy and sorrow. Damayanti is a reflection of a woman who is strong and steadfast. Not only obeying the husband but also has the determination and brilliant ideas to always provide support so that the husband wakes up from his downturn. The presentation of "Kasetyan Jati Dewi Damayanti" is a work of art that goes through the process of thinking and cultivation by reviewing existing sources, so that this work has originality and is far from plagiarism. The stage of the process of creating an artwork contains creative steps related to the process of the artwork. This process consists of two stages, namely the preparation stage and the cultivation stage. The preparation phase includes orientation and observation; while the cultivation stage includes exploration, improvisation, and evaluation. Through this work it is hoped to be one of the reflections in navigating the ark of household life. Keywords: Damayanti, loyalty, and garap

Type: Thesis (S1)
Not controling keyword: Damayanti, loyalty, and garap
Subject: 1. ISI Surakarta > Pedalangan
Divisions: Faculty of Performance Arts > School of Pedalangan
User deposit: UPT. Perputakaan
Datestamp: 23 Dec 2020 04:07
Last mod: 23 Dec 2020 04:07
URI: http://repository.isi-ska.ac.id/id/eprint/4684

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