Gemi Nastiti Lan Ngati-Ati As Interior Awareness Space in Global Era


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Sunarmi, Sunarmi (2020) Gemi Nastiti Lan Ngati-Ati As Interior Awareness Space in Global Era. Journal of Talent Development and Excellence, 12 (1). pp. 4082-4090. ISSN ISSN 1869-0459 (print)/ISSN 1869-2885 (online)


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The study titled gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati as a strategy for developing interior design concepts in the pandemic period departed from concerns before the Covid 19 Period, appearing interior styles that tend to stick here and there. The period of Covid 19 encouraged the occurrence of difficulties in the economic field does not mean having to stop developing an interior design. gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati is a philosophy of Javanese society teaching Javanese people to be able to manage wealth/abilities even in difficult times. The implementation of the philosophy of lively nastiti lan observing in the era of modernity is certainly a debate. Therefore in this study the following problems were formulated: (1) how to gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati as a philosophy of life in Java; (2) how to adapt the gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati concept as an interior design concept in Java. The study was conducted using a qualitative approach as a strategy to build creativity in formulating design concepts. Theories used are Michel Foucault’s Theory of Power, and Semiotic Theory. The results of the study show that gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati is a Javanese philosophy of life that is still applied in the archipelago. The power relation involved is the awareness of people as Javanese people who have a high-value philosophy of life which in turn is used as advice to build awareness of children, society, groups/institutions. gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati is no longer an attitude of resignation to the existing situation but is advice on being frugal, careful, and careful about your potential to be managed in order to obtain better results. Awareness about interior-related potential is the diversity of forms of interior elements from Javanese Traditional Houses that represent social strata symbols. During its development, elements of traditional Javanese interior houses became a symbol of the romantic style of past life. The power relation involved is awareness about the cultural richness of the archipelago as a commodity making the old interior as the exclusive interior of a socialite place. The strategy of adaptation to the gemi nastiti lan ngati-ati concept above in the Covid 19 era referred to the potential of Javanese arts and culture in the global era. It was done not just by taking and sticking but by managing the potential diversity of interior elements of Javanese traditional house style through modification. Modification is a way to change goods/objects that are not interesting to be interesting without losing the function and display the form better than the original, through the intensifier, focuser, duplication, explanaser, reducter.

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