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Bantolo, Matheus Wasi THE SPIRIT OF BEDHAYA IN CONTEMPORARY DANCE. In: PROCEEDING “We Feeling” in Dance: A Manifest of Intercultural Values. ISSN 2548-9755 . Pusat Studi Tari Dunia ISI Surakarta, Surakarta, pp. 73-92.

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The development of contemporary dance is characterized by dialogue between individual creativity and tradition. Contemporary choreographers tried to bring their new works in the personal expression with their traditions of the past. Dialogue between traditional dance and choreographer, as well as cultural contact with other traditions into the creative process of the choreographers today, so it shows how a person makes a dance based on creativity. Even if they were in touch with a lot of new cultivation but did not release their attention to the existence of the background art. Currently contemporary dance choreographers based on Javanese dance utilize the rich heritage of dance that lay before them as the traditional knowledge in the creation of dance sources ideas or anxiety personally choreographed. A genre of Javanese dance tradition that has become a source of the ideas in the choreographers works is bedhaya. Bedhaya is a genre of dance from Surakarta in central Java (Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat), danced by nine dancers in the same dressed. Bedhaya as a sacred dance, has mystically values for the Javanese people, and considered as a heritage. This dance is only performed at certain times and with various devices rituals. Bedhaya that had sacred values is Bedhaya Ketawang only danced during the coronation ceremony of King and its anniversary. The names of bedhaya are usually the same as the name of the music ( gendhing )that accompanies such as Bedhaya Doradasih, dan Bedhaya Pangkur. Bedhaya, dance which is considered to have a high aesthetic achievement, is associated with values, perspectives, and Javanese life. On the other hand, work in dance is a body of expression which is a reflection of life, so that the dance means to invite people to reflect on the various problems of life. redefining traveling in the work: the work is worship, friendship and sharing with others. Contemporary choreographers based on Javanese dance have the soul of bedhaya in the cultural life of the dance, so in shades work the spirit of bedhaya became the soul in the work of the dance.

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