Extracting Meanings of Literary Texts in New Environments


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Santosa, Soewarlan (2013) Extracting Meanings of Literary Texts in New Environments. Asian Musicology, 22. pp. 109-146. ISSN 1229-9413

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Reading and listening to literary texts sung inmacapat songs are means of constructing meanings among readers and listeners. When interpreting texts these people negotiate thoughts with the contents of texts. Using basic understanding from society they orient themselves on contents of texts to get proper values in the community. They do not keep meanings that they have from community, nor do they follow the contents of songs, rather they create new meanings that transform their beliefs and thoughts into new substances. In this process they highlight precepts, revise concepts, alter norms, and change world-views. In another word, when listening to songs people do not maintain stable meanings throughout times but they change the fluid matters that are changing with environments and contexts. In doing so, these elite people want to elicit wisdom to get fresh guides for their lives and the betterment of society.

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Not controling keyword: meaning, literary text, environment, readers, listeners.
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