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Berliati, Oki (2018) SIMBOLISME ABSTRAK LAGU-LAGU DANILLA DALAM KARYA FOTOGRAFI. S1 thesis, Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta.

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Abstract symbolism is an expressive communication, containing a message or information that cannot be said directly and is a distortion of natural forms and objects so that only the essence is abstracted. "Abstract Symbolism of Danilla’s Songs in Photography Work" is a concept of the creation of a final assignment of photography as an expression of expression in interpreting a song. The photographic work creates the imagination of the creator in seeing things through a different perspective and is an exploration or visualization of Danilla's songs and an object, some abstract symbols and situations into real life. Photography which generally serves as a medium for making documentation, in the creation of this work becomes a very appropriate medium in describing the meaning and message of a song.

Type: Thesis (S1)
Not controling keyword: Abstract symbolism, Danilla’s songs, Photography
Subject: 1. ISI Surakarta > Fotografi
Divisions: Faculty of Fine Art and Design > School of Photograpy
User deposit: UPT. Perpustakaan
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