Aspek Organologis dan Musikologis Suling Kebyar


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Yasa, I Ketut (2018) Aspek Organologis dan Musikologis Suling Kebyar. Jurnal Panggung, 28 (1). pp. 75-88. ISSN 0854 - 3429

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Suling kebyar (kebyar flute) is a flute that is used in a Gong Kebyar ensamble. Gong Kebyar can be interpreted as a gamelan in which it plays using the system of "kekebyaran"that is playing by prioritizing the compactness of voice, melody, and the tempoina full variation. Suling kebyar is studied from the organological and musicological approaches. Fromthe organological aspect, it indicates that the place to find the materials is nearly vanished; the drying process requires a longer time, while the tool and manufacture procedures are simple. Meanwhile froma musicoloical aspect, it indicates that the gending using the flute mostly has a motif, not patterned, and has a smooth character. The musical aspect produces a falseto sound because of the tones coming from thebilahinstruments(gangsa, jublag, and jegogan)which have two versions of sound, namely pengumbang and pengisep.

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