S., Syahrial


This paper will discuss one of the traditional Minangkabau community groups namely
Parewa class as the profile of traditional artists. The author will explain about the “artist profile
tradition” and its relationship with the arts, particularly dance (Minangkabau traditional dance).
To uncover these problems, the authors use qualitative methods and techniques of data collection
by observation, interview, and literature study. Furthermore, perform data analysis, verification,
and conclude. The result of observation and discussion shows that Parewa is a class of people who
have a good martial arts skills and an expert in the art. This can be seen in the movements of the
dance, which is dominated by movements of martial arts with agile character, sharp and definite.
The conclusion is Parewa is a class of traditional community in Minangkabau that very intensively involve in the arts, it is seen on every activity in the life of society such as traditional
ceremonies. This involvement is not just attending traditional ceremonies that there was only
art, but also involved as a perpetrator of the arts.
Keywords: Parewa, Profile, Pencak Silat.

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