Tembang Dolanan Anak-anak

Sri Hesti Heriwati


consciouslY makes every effort to express the sense. One can find an outlet for his 
estbetic sense through various kinds of means or media. A literary man will express 
his estbetic sense through a means of language. A language is something that is not 
separable from human lift. Children understand the realz!J around them, make 
social interaction and describe the reality again using a language. Tembang dolanan. 
a work of art with which children familiar, is an author's work containing estbetic 

A literary text is a whole systemic unit of language taken the shape of oral 
or writing utterance. A text specifically  refers to a unit syntacti« or semantic strudllre 
which coherentlY creates interrelated relations so it makes a full message/ injormation. 
A literary text contained in children bembang dolanan is possible to be anaIYzed 
from ma'!Y aspects depending on the study. In relation to the above problems, the 
discourse of children's tembang dolanan will be closelY studied grammaticallY and 

Keywords: Tembang (recited Javanese Poetry), discourse, 
grammatical, lexical.

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