Development Of Motivational Video For Media Literacy For Senior High School Student As Drug Free Youth Movement


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Citra Dewi, Utami and Budi Dwi, Arifianto Development Of Motivational Video For Media Literacy For Senior High School Student As Drug Free Youth Movement. Internatinal Conference on Social Politis : The Challenges of Social Sciences in a Changing World, III. pp. 1097-1105. ISSN 978-602-73900-3-4 (jil.3)


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The research aims to develop a work of video art in the form of motivational video that assembled in the study of media literacy for high school students as one of the real effort in creating a drug-free teens movement. Motivational video as a form of communication that can be utilized in meeting the needs of adolescents will be media literacy. The high level of drug abuse by teenagers as well as the tendency of young people to selfi (self videography) and upload video themselves through new media is the background of this study. Variants of experimental visual styles subjective motivational video by presenting youth as a motivator. The method used in this study is the experimental method with exploring visual composition and a motivating force. The chosen approach is a model of cultural studies and active audience models. Video of experimental results published through the new media that can be uploaded and downloaded globally. Implementation of the process of creation and dissemination of motivational video is designed in the form of media literacy activities. The implementation of media literacy is offered as a model for Anti-Drug Education Extra curricular school. This media literacy learning model planned to cover 1) basic knowledge about drugs, prevention and mitigation, 2) public speaking, 3) style of dressing, 4) the manufacture of artistic property, 5) operation of the camera, and 6) prosedure of uploading video through new media. One expedient solution associated with the negative impact of the new media is vying to fil it with content that is positive. This model can be used as an alternative example of positive activism which continues to be carried out independently by teenagers and is expected to inspire other teens to participate.

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